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Residential Services

Residential Services

Admiral Propane is here to assist our residential  customers with all of their propane needs.
Give us a call today and let Admiral Propane help you with all your heating needs.

Homeowner Key Messages

    • Propane is a safe energy source to use in your home. Propane dealers are certified to install and refill propane and follow strict safety guidelines. National Fire Protection Agency research shows that gas‐fueled equipment is clearly lowest among central heating equipment for fire incident rates and property damage rates.
    • It is easy to have propane installed in your home. By using a local dealer, you’ll always have direct contact with someone who can meet your needs and address your concerns. Installing propane in your home can be done in a matter of hours.
    • Propane is reliable. We all experience power outages due to inclement weather. By using propane as the main energy source in a home and additionally as a backup for electricity, propane users will not experience the inconvenience and dangers of having a home without power.
    • Propane provides ultimate comfort. Propane heat is more comfortable than heat from an electric heat pump because propane delivers heat that is up to 120 degrees. Propane heat feels warmer to the skin than electric heat, which is cooler than body temperature.
    • Propane appliances provide comfort and reliability. Whether you use apropane cooktop/oven or a propane clothes dryer, you will notice that the appliances perform better than electric appliances, cooking food and drying clothes more evenly. Additionally, many propane appliances are energy star certified and can actually save you money on your energy bills. (According to the Propane Education and Research Council)

Homeowner Messaging Q&A

Is propane safe to use in your home?

Propane is a very safe energy source to use in your home. All propane retailers are certified and followed strict National Fire Protection Agency codes. Research from the NFPA actually shows that gas‐fueled heating equipment is lowest among central heating equipment for fire‐related incident rates and property damage.

Isn’t it difficult to have propane installed and maintained?

It is actually quite simple. You’ll work with a local retailer so you’ll always have a person to contact if problems arise. Your local retailer will ensure that the installation process is done smoothly and correctly. In fact, installation only takes a few hours. Once your tank is installed you’re retailer will be in constant contact to see that your tank is refilled when necessary and any problems are taken care of.

How reliable is propane vs. electricity?

Propane is more reliable than electricity. Often times, thunderstorms and bad weather can knock out electricity for days and even weeks at a time. Propane is rarely knocked out and can provide constant energy throughout inclement weather. Propane powered backup generators can also replace electricity and power an entire house for several days.

Which is more comfortable, propane or electricity?

Propane furnaces provide greater comfort than electric heat pumps because they deliver air that is up to 120 degrees. Electric heat pumps deliver air that is cooler than your body temperature, making the air feel cold to the skin.

What propane appliances are available?

Propane can be used as an energy source for many appliances inside and outside the home ranging from patio heaters and grills to clothes dryers and cooktops.

What is the advantage to using a propane appliance?

Propane is an exceptional energy source for your appliances. Propane provides comfort, reliability and quality heat for many appliances whether you want to cook your food thoroughly and evenly or dry clothes efficiently.