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Propane Tanks

Propane Tanks

Tanks and Installations

Above Ground Tanks or Underground Tanks

We only use TAN PROPANE TANKS and feel you will be pleasantly pleased with the look of this tank at your home.
We can also install an Underground Tank that will be showing only a small dome above ground so we can have access to service the system.


Lease v/s Buy

Propane Tanks can be Leased or Bought.
We feel it is better to Lease so that the tank will be maintained by our Highly Qualified Staff if for some reason there is ever a need.
Cost of Lease v/s Buying varies depending on size.
Please Call our Staff for more information.

Installing System

We do a Complete Installation from the Tank to the Appliance.
We do all the required checks to make sure that your system is the Safest possible and that You are completely satisfied.
We want to make sure that you are happy with the installation.

Tank Sizes

Our Tanks come in the following sizes:

Above Ground Tank Sizes Underground Tank Sizes
120 gallons 250 gallons
250 gallons 500 gallons
330 gallons 1000 gallons
500 gallons
1000 gallons