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You have a choice!

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You Have a Choice!

Now that summer is here you are probably relieved that you don’t have to worry about higher winter heating costs.  After all, so much of it is out of your control.  Right?

Wrong!  With Admiral Propane you have a choice — and early planning now can make a big difference later in the price you pay and the way you receive your fuel.

Below are the choices that you have by becoming a customer of Admiral Propane.

Admiral Propane's PreBuy Plan

Pay one simple pre-season price.

With the PreBuy Program you purchase your winter’s fuel prior to the heating season.

In return, you receive the lowest pre-season pricing available at the time of your enrollment – with no enrollment fee.
It’s a great option if you are able to pay for all your winter fuel needs at once and you feel confident prices won’t fall later in the season.

Always have the fuel you need

After your purchase, we secure your fuel and deliver it automatically as you need it.  If you discover later in the season that you need more fuel than you purchased, we simply continue to deliver fuel at the current market rate.

If it turns out you purchased more fuel than you needed, you receive a credit towards next year’s program.

Question:  What if fuel prices drop later in the season?

Since we purchase your fuel at the time you enroll, no credits can be issued if market rates drop later during the year.

So, if you choose this program for just one season, you may or may not “come out ahead”.
However, research proves that if you choose a PreBuy Program for a duration of 8-10 years you will experience overall fuel savings.

Admiral Propane's Automatic Fill

Save time, and money, too!

Automatic Fill is the most convenient way to receive your fuel because you never have to check the level of fuel in your tank, call to schedule your next delivery, or worry about running out.  We keep track of your usage and make sure to schedule the deliveries you need so you always have enough propane for your heating needs.

Have 10 days to pay

Once we deliver your fuel, you have 10 days to make your payment.
Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card.

Admiral Propane's Will Call Plan

Control when you receive delivery

The Will Call Plan is best for those who want to have complete control over when a delivery is made.  Since our delivery routes are scheduled well in advance, we request that you give us 5 days to make your delivery.

If you need it sooner or you run out, we will have to reroute our trucks just for you — and additional charges will apply.

Will Call deliveries must be paid in 10 days and are based on the daily market rate on the day of your delivery.

Agricultural Plans

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